Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cooking is awesome...

So... being one that loves to cook and bake, and stalking several awesome baking blogs [ Bakerella, Fresh from the Oven, Omnomicon makes, and the Pioneer Woman Cooks to name a few...] has inspired me to start sharing some recipes...

It all stems from my mother. She is the middle child of 7. After her older sister was married, her mom went back to work and her job as a 13 year old was to start making dinner as soon as she got home from school. My dad was glad that she knew how to cook, but his only complaint was all of the re-runs... she only knew how to cook for 8 :D

Growing up she involved my sister and I in all of the cooking and baking. She is the type of woman who can make things up and modify as she goes and comes out with something delicious. It makes it easier to try new recipes and make substitutions as I go... I don't have quite the experience she does, but my husband has yet to complain :)

I hope to share some of the great recipes from my mom as well as some of the new ones that I have found - some of which I have modified. [ I will be sure to let you know some of the great sources that I have pulled from ]

Thanks for following!

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